Let’s Find Out the Best Things to Do in Maui

DSC_0129It’s of no doubt that everyone is aware of the term Treasure Hunt. When we hear the same word, the immediate thing come to our mind is fun, adventure, amusement, and a lot more. What if we could take you to one of the most fun-filled and experiential treasure hunts in Maui? Nothing can be better than watching adults participating with their kids, waking up that child within and enjoying the activities to the fullest. Our treasure hunt is the best place to witness a variety of Maui kids activities. The treasure hunt activities organized here are the best things to do in Maui and are the most loved activities of children.

Maui Treasure hunt is a highly recognized and lovable destination of the visitors and especially children. Operating for such a long period, we are awarded the Hall of Fame for four consecutive years, starting from 2014 to 2017. Last year, we were honored with the certificate of excellence due to our flawless, dedicated, and finest services to our visitors. Here, at Maui Treasure Hunt, we organize many interesting and attractive events for children that they will love to be a part of. Our Jungle Treasure hunt is the ultimate adventure for the kids where one can find a lot of Maui kids activities with full involvement and pleasure. We also have Savanna Treasure Hunt, the most praised and the only and only Treasure hunt in Maui. The good news is that kids aged 4 or below are allowed for free. We also have combos like Treasure Hunt & Ocean Center, and Maui Treasure Hunt & Glass Bottom Boat Combo where we have found the kids and adults express themselves insanely.

If you are in dilemma of what are the best things to do in Maui, then don’t let the opportunity slip by. Visit Maui Treasure Hunt to take away the experience of your life. Apart from the activities, we offer the best car rentals, cheap flights, and best accommodations at captivating places to ensure our guests experience the most blissful moment of their life. To know more about us, visit us at mauitreasurehunt.com.

Top Maui Kids Activities with Maui Treasure Hunt!

Every year many people plans for outings. When it comes to a family trip, there are many things to consider. To make the trip family friendly and kid friendly, vacationer should choose a destination which will be perfect for all your purposes. Most importantly, while we talk about kids, the trip should be energetic, adventurous, down to nature, safe and secure. However, there are many places in the world, but having all these facilities, Maui gathers more families and things to do in Maui.

Maui trip with kids:

Maui is a popular holiday and activity destination for families those who are looking to escape the cold. There are beaches you can visit snorkeling activities, sightseeing safaris, and ziplining adventures that you can check out. With so many options it will be very hard for you to choose. Apart from these, there are many more options for Maui Kids Activities that might be missing in your itinerary list. You can get all those options only from Maui Treasure Hunt. We are a Maui special travel company whose team is always ready for kids. Here is some trip related information we have for your kids-

Best Arrangements for kids-

Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure

Jungle Treasure Hunt Adventure is an incredible activity for getting kids away from the electronics. With this, your kid will get a chance to explore beautiful green forests, hike into the woods, swim in the ocean or natural stream that is sure to be a game changer. It will show your kids that there is also a wonderful world apart from gadgets.

Savanna Treasure Hunt Adventure

This Hawaiian route is only available as an alternate route when our regular route is not available due to any risks. During the 3 hours of true adventure, you can reveal the mystery of a lost treasure.

Maui Treasure Hunt & One week entrance to Ocean Center

Through https://mauitreasurehunt.com/, we offer a great chance to encounter Hawaii’s unique and rare marine life. If you are a nature lover, we have an awesome combination of the Hawaiian land and sea life adventure in a single package. Once you recharge your energy, you can explore both the indoor and outdoor exhibits with us.

Excluding these, we have also Maui Treasure Hunt & Glass and Bottom Boat Combo packages for visitors to give their kids a memorable experience to tell their friends.

Best family Adventure and kid friendly hikes in Maui

There are so many places around the world when an adventure comes into your mind. Families do the best when you take the kids ages’ and limitation into consideration. Most of them are just great for kids but very few places are considered to be the best family adventure in Maui. Maui is an island in the Central Pacific, in the state of Hawaii and it is surely one of the jewels of Pacific. It is an ultimate destination for your kids where they can discover the real beauty of nature. Not only for the family, but it is also an amazing holiday adventure when you visit there as a couple.

front Page mauitreasurehunt

There are many things in this adventure for the family to discover the beautiful nature of Maui. It is a family fun treasure which is going to be one of the most memorable adventures. So let’s begin to know more about the best kid-friendly hikes in Maui.

 When it comes to the kids, they always love to enjoy without any limitations and burdens and love to explore new things whatever they come across.  So this adventure consists of multiple kid-friendly activities and huge varieties of amusing things to do, such as hiking in deep forests, swimming in a lagoon (optional and it depends on the weather), crossing a river, searching for a treasure.


Not only this, kids can make the benefit out of Savanna treasure hunt which is a never-ending excitement where the kids under four are free of charge. It is a good idea to check website https://mauitreasurehunt.com/ for current info, before heading out and of course, reservations are always a great choice. This is not an end to your fun as the amazing treasure includes an under-water trip to Maui Ocean Centre and provides boating as well.

After knowing all these amazing things, the best family adventure in Maui should be your ultimate choice. It is a real beauty of outdoor treasure which makes it a perfect holiday for your family and kids. Don’t miss the chance of having the never-ending excitement for families with children as this is the best and unique Maui Family Outdoor Adventure.

Multiple Maui Kids Activities in One Trip

Most of the plans of a family trip are for fun and enjoyment. However, planning a trip with the family will also help you to overcome from your busy lifestyle and spend quality time with family. So, it is much necessary to plan for a trip, which can give you a lovely experience. If you are planning for family adventure vacations, there are several important aspects that you have to keep in your mind. First is where to go? However, place matters a lot for a family vacation. Which place will entertain both the kids and adults of a family? To minimize those stresses, there are many online portals that have the itinerary for a family trip.


Is every portal has the same offers and place you want on your trip? Click here mauitreasurehunt.com and experience multiple activities in our planned Maui trip. With this plan, you will surely discover the beautiful nature of Maui as well. If some of your family is adventurous and some are love nature, you can have both the things in our single trip. For adventure, we have also Maui Kids’ Activities that will help your kids to come out from their daily routine and refresh mind with some outdoor adventure.

Parents are very conscious of their kids. Taking this part in our mind, we plan some outdoor activities for your kids namely jungle treasure hunt, Savanna treasure hunt, Maui treasure hunt, entrance to ocean center, and more. If you didn’t notice our website yet, then have a look of it. We also have some combo plans to give you the Best Adventure in Hawaii for Kids. The combo packages are Maui Treasure Hunt & One week entrance to Ocean Center and Maui Treasure Hunt & Glass Bottom Boat Combo.

Our options are not stopped here. We have something more for your kids. To make your kids’ vacation more energetic and exciting, we offer some reasonable products that you don’t have to fail to notice. The products are custom designed color T-shirts printed with your picture, gift cards for Maui treasure hunt adventure, and more. One of the most unusual things we would like to do for you, which will also energize your Maui trip is professionally recorded video and edited with music.

Witness the Remarkable Sights and Enjoy the Kid-Friendly Adventures in Maui

Pride of Maui is well-renowned for being kid-friendly. In case, you are planning a vacation to Maui with your kids, first make sure that you are in safety, ease, comfort, and convenience. This place gives the best Kid-friendly adventures in Maui for outdoor family fun. Secondly, don’t forget to book the Maui treasure hunt. It’s a super fun activity for kids on Maui and includes a family tour with hiking, swimming, and more. Most of the family likes to experience the zip line. Then, why not you want to experience the adventurous zip line? It is the best zip line on Maui that can accommodate children with comfort. Get up to the ground in a breathtaking exploration of the rainforest – flying through the air on our ziplines.


This zip line is the Best Adventure in Hawaii for kids and all types of visitor. However, everyone wants to have fun, and exciting time, kids, young adults and mature adults all can get the benefits of our trip package. The Maui ocean center is also a renowned place where kids and the whole family can enjoy the encircling sea-tunnel. With these Kid-friendly Adventures in Maui trip, you can check out the massive indoor shark tank that displays Tiger sharks, white tips, a variety of deepwater fish and etc. This is a wonderfully planned tank that gives the feel of a dry-land snorkel. Apart from these, every visitor should aware of their trip plan. Before planning, it is a good idea to check websites for current info regarding your reservation and accommodation.


Not sure what area to stay in Maui or looking for great Maui hotels, condos, and vacation rentals? We are the best resource for booking a classic accommodated home directly to stay on Maui! At mauitreasurehunt.com you will find the friendly Maui hotels with a bright, spacious bedroom. After amenities, exploring Maui’s most remarkable sights is the main important part of the trip. But, taxis are not always available when you really need one. It really wastes your time unless you don’t hire any rental car. Sometimes it varies in price and options, but to get a friendly budget, you can hire through our team. With our quick and easy online booking, you will be on your way in no time.

Let Maui Kids Activities Inspire you for Oceanography Center

When children are at school, family holidays and uninterrupted time are more important than ever. What parents want for their kids is a kid-friendly destination and easy access to fun where organized activities and safety accommodation should available. However, most of the kids are addicted to technology and don’t have much interest in outdoor activities. With lots of activities to do in Maui, there are a lot of offers to choose from. In this situation, how can you know who offers the best? Secondly, how can you find which activities are best to do in Maui with kids? And, without significant research you may find yourself stocked, may be confused with too many choices or may book an activity that is not the right one for your kids. So, we have done the research for you. We have already shortlisted the most breathtaking sights and Maui kids activities with our expert guides. Hope in this way, you and your kids can safely maximize the place with lots of fun.


All our plans are selected by our experts that cover most of the Kid-friendly adventures in Maui in your budget for a fun family break. This is an ideal location for families with plenty of hiking, cycling, and picnicking areas. When you are on Maui or planning a vacation to Maui with your family, it may be difficult for you to plan your day-today-schedule. To make the trip family-friendly and hassle-free, mauitreasurehunt.com offers a variety of daily activities that the entire family will enjoy. Among them, enjoying the underwater view is another scene, kids like the most. Here, our comprehensive list may help you, if your children are looking for water sports. Because, it is a beautiful relationship that exists between the Hawaiians and the sea.


The Maui Ocean center is well-known for their encircling sea-tunnel that gives the feel of the dry land snorkel. It is an aquarium and oceanography center located in Hawaii on the island of Maui we offer in our plans. With this energetic offer, you can come face to face with various aquatic plants, thousands of tropical fish and more. Many of which are not found in anywhere else. It’s a golden opportunity for your whole family to discover, experience, and explore Hawaii’s underwater world at Maui Ocean Center with mauitreasurehunt.com.

The Best Adventurous Things to Do In Maui

Maui is an exotic and fun-filled island destination. There are a huge number of reasons to pick Maui for your next get-away goal which is otherwise called The Valley Isle. Arranged between two volcanoes and large valleys, the island of Maui is unquestionably a heaven where you can unwind, encounter the best experience and basically have a ton of fun. For the adventuresome traveler, there are a lot of adventurous Things to do in Maui which will fill up the whole visit to the island. To experience water adventures to land adventures and everywhere in between, those individuals looking for a little excitement are sure to find it on Maui.


Children and outdoors simply appear to go together. Be that as it may, while guardians are setting up camp now and then children can get underneath. This is while having a fortune chase can truly prove to be useful. While guardians are setting up camp sometimes kids may get underfoot. This is while having a treasure hunt can truly prove to be useful. Those who are intriguing by nature it can be really fun to experience the best adventure in Hawaii for kids. It will be really exciting for them to take the treasure hunt to reveal the mystery of lost treasure. Our expert guides are there to answer their relentless questions with love and affection maintaining their patience.

Those who are interested to learn how to snorkel and/or dive, Maui treasure hunt provide child-friendly instructions and rentals. The Maui Ocean Center is a top-notch aquarium situated in the fishing village of Maalaea which can introduce your child to a wonderful experience of marine life.


You feel safe with our crew member who will inspire you with underwater adventure and exploration, and successfully prepare you for the snorkel of your lifetime. It is the best adventure in Hawaii for kids as we make you feel confident with expert lessons who have good hands-on guidance. On a snorkel tour, you don’t need to worry about your safety, ease, and convenience as their vessel is outfitted and child-friendly.

At Maui treasure hunt, no one is left behind as there is always a hidden child inside every person. Here you will get an amazing adventurous experience of a lifetime. For more info, kindly visit us at https://mauitreasurehunt.com/.

Treasure Hunts & Kid-friendly Adventures in Maui

Maui is a place full of nature, adventure activities, and more. There are lots of things to do in Maui that everyone will truly enjoy. When you plan for some outdoor vacation, it is the perfect place to entertain your children. You and your family can also grab the breathtaking sceneries of numerous beaches, incredible sunrise, and sunset. It brings many more opportunities for your kids to relax and get them away from their daily routines. Kid-friendly Adventures in Maui is a part of Maui’s trip that offers such a wide variety of activity for family-oriented people. Treasure hunting is another idea that attracts the minds of many adventures. We have unusual plans for both kids and the whole family on Maui!


There is a multitude of reasons to choose Maui Treasure Hunt for your next vacation destination. We organize unique plans for nature lovers and adventure seekers as well. This ideal destination for families is to explore a friendly island through a multitude of activities. Experience Maui’s amazing green forests and have a fantastic time outdoors together with Mauitreasurehunt.com. We offer countless places to snorkel here with amazing views of marine life. Best Kid-Friendly Hikes in Maui is not physically difficult or demanding, but it requires a great balance, strength, and confidence. Kid-friendly Adventures in Maui is the best experience that truly promotes interaction.



Treasure hunts are very different from other Kid-friendly Adventures in Maui. We offer this simple, low-budget, and very popular way to entertain children. These are not just limited to children but are perfect for family fun. Let us help you to make the most of your time outdoors on a treasure hunt to reveal the mystery of a lost treasure. It will change your view of underwater perspective by snorkeling in Maui. Moreover, we design a very good quality Treasure hunt T-shirt for the tourists. Being the most enjoyable and memorable part of the Maui journey with us at https://mauitreasurehunt.com/.